Sebastian Klüsener

Laboratory of Fertility and Well-Being

Deputy Head of the Laboratory of Fertility and Well-Being

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-207



MPIDR Publications (selected)

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Klüsener, S.; Neels, K.; Kreyenfeld, M. R.:
Population and Development Review 39:4, 587-610 (2013).
Klüsener, S.; Goldstein, J. R.:
Population, Space and Place 22:1, 5-22 (2016).
Klüsener, S.; Perelli-Harris, B.; Sánchez Gassen, N. E.:
European Journal of Population 29:2, 137-165 (2013).
Klüsener, S.; Scalone, F.; Dribe, M.:
In: Grow, A.; van Bavel, J. (Eds.): Agent-based modelling in population studies: concepts, methods, and applications, 369-403. Cham: Springer (2016).